How to avoid being ripped off by a so called locksmith

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The Key To Your Success

You see the ads that read “19 Dollar Locksmith” and “$15 Service charge Locksmith” but don’t be fooled! Many unethical locksmiths use the bait and switch con to get your call. And it works more than you think!

Imagine this:
You are loading groceries into your car and set the keys in the trunk as you load. Then suddenly you close the trunk and it hits you… The keys are locked in the trunk!

What do you do? You call a locksmith to get the keys and you do it in a hurry. You might call more than one and hope they are quick! Whoever is fastest to arrive gets your business, right?

Hey and this ad on my smart phone says $15 locksmith! Maybe this won’t be so bad!

Wrong. The old adage “If it seems too good to be true” almost always will apply here.

There are some very unethical people out there that are counting on your desperation. They are also counting on you being frugal with your hard-earned cash. So when you see the $15 locksmith ads you are being lured into a web.

When they show up they change the price. You are furious! This is illegal, you say to them and you refuse to pay. On the other hand, your dinner is spoiling as you speak. You would be surprised, but many people just pay and grumble the whole way home!

How much do they up charge? Usually about 400 to 500 percent! So a $15 phone quote turns into $150 dollars instantly! Not only are the unethical locksmiths counting on your desperation and naiveté… sometimes they bully customers into paying.

What to do
Simple, call Spare Key Locksmith at (330) 340-6098 ! Located in New Philadelphia Ohio. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, a locksmith you can trust. Just check out  the reviews from their satisfied customers here.

If you are out of the area, call around and find a locksmith company that is registered with the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or that is a Certified Locksmith. Ask their prices, hours, and most of all ask about their business license and professional licensing or credentials. The best locksmith is one who cares about your concerns and wants to help.

They will quote prices and hopefully a flat rate on certain calls with no hidden prices or bait and switch scams or con games. Beware the Locksmith that refuses to quote a price… this is a dead give away to a con artist.

Avoid scams and con artists.  Once you have found a locksmith that is reputable, has good references and who is certified and insured, like Spare Key Locksmith, Keep their phone number on you so that you can reach them when you need them. Give the number to friends and co-workers to help them out.

Also, report unethical locksmiths to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission.


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When you need repair parts for a Bluebird and Thomas buses, Custom Bus and Truck Panels is the place to go!

If you operate a Bluebird bus—or a fleet of Bluebird buses—you want to protect your investment as you take care of your riders. Custom Bus and Truck Panels (888-402-1661) can help.


When you need repair parts for a Bluebird bus, Custom Bus and Truck Panels is the premier provider of side body parts, rear body parts, floor-related parts, battery boxes, step wells and related parts, door-related parts, and other miscellaneous items.

Custom Bus and Truck Panels offers a toll-free number—888-402-1661—with helpful associates to assist you. And you can find all of their parts pictured online at If you don’t see exactly what you need, don’t worry—that’s why Custom Bus and Truck Panels is “custom”! They can custom bend any part you need.

Whether your Bluebird bus needs skirt panels, wheel well rings, emergency door parts, drip rails, mud flap brackets, battery boxes, step wells, door hinges, or dozens of other parts, Custom Bus and Truck Panels offers both manufactured and custom bent parts to fit perfectly. Many parts are available in stainless steel.

“When you see rust, think of us” is the motto of Custom Bus and Truck Panels. If you own and operate a Bluebird bus, protect your investment with engineered and custom bent repair parts from the pros. Call 888-402-1661 or visit their web site at



If your Bluebird bus needs replacement door parts, turn to Custom Bus and Truck Panels. Call 888-402-1661 or find them on the web at


By nature, bus doors get a lot of use—and if the doors on your Bluebird bus are showing signs of wear (or broken!) Custom Bus and Truck Panels can have you back in service quickly.

Whether you need stainless steel door hinges, bronze bushings, door pins, or channel posts, Custom Bus and Truck Panels is prepared to help. Find their online catalog—with photos of every part—at

Custom Bus and Truck Panels also has a full line of door repair kits for Bluebird buses, whether conventional or transit models. Kits are designed to correct issues with jackknife and bi-fold door styles, and come either with or without new frame channels.

If you have questions or need additional information on Bluebird bus door parts, call Custom Bus and Truck Panels at 888-402-1661 or check out their web site at

Remember that Custom Bus and Truck Panels also carries parts for many other aspects of your Bluebird bus—side, rear, and floor parts, battery boxes, step wells, and more. And if they don’t have a particular piece in the catalog, they can custom bend a part to exactly meet your needs.

Custom Bus and Truck Panels—call 888-402-1661 or find them online at

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Make sure you pick a Locksmith you can trust in New Philadelphia!

locksmith new philadelpha

The Key To Your Success


It’s late and you’ve locked your keys in the car, and now you’re locked out of your house too! A friend kindly takes you to their place. No worries, you think; I’ll simply pick a locksmith out of the directory or online listings and make a call. Turns out if you haven’t checked out your particular locksmith, it could be you that gets picked!

Complaints about locksmiths are on the rise, as cases of fraud and scamming become ever more prevalent with unsuspecting consumers. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) alert indicates that national locksmith companies disguising themselves as local proprietors are routinely charging between $300-500 for minor jobs that valid locksmiths would normally charge no more than $100.

One national locksmith company posing as local outfits used at least 15 other names and 25 telephone numbers, according to the BBB!

In 2006, the Ohio attorney general sued this company for false advertising and unauthorized repairs. Illinois  suspended the same company’s license to operate in its state, charging the business had given fraudulent address information.

Large states such as California and New York require anyone working as a locksmith, even if based outside the state, to procure a state license. Unfortunately, that and a smile will get you a license; no level of competency, nor a test is required. Often, shady locksmith impersonators will fake a license and have it on their person or in their vehicle.

The Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths (TOOL) recently posted a large banner in bold red type across their website, warning that “Locksmith Scammers are Operating in Tennessee!” The organization encourages customers to verify a locksmith’s license at the Department of Commerce and Insurance website before even calling them.

So, what to do when locked out?

Simple, call Spare Key Locksmith at (330) 343-4228 ! Located in New Philadelphia Ohio. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, a locksmith you can trust. Just check out  the reviews from their satisfied customers here.


Serving 7 counties around the Tuscarawas Valley

Spare Key Locksmith New Philadelphia

Spare Key Locksmith
Serving 7 Counties

We service the following counties:

  • Carroll
  • Coshocton
  • Guernsey
  • Harrisson
  • Holmes
  • Stark
  • Tuscarawas

Spare Key Locksmith “The Key to Your Success”

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Foot problems in Tuscarawas and Holmes County, Ohio?

Are you experiencing foot problems in Tuscarawas and Holmes County, Ohio? See Myers & Miller Podiatry, Inc., with offices in Dover, Sugarcreek, Millersburg and Newcomerstown.

Foot problems can take many forms, from sprains and fractures, to ingrown nails and nail fungus, to athletes foot, bunions, calluses, even skin cancer. Whatever your foot care needs, Myers & Miller Podiatry, Inc.—serving Tuscarawas and Holmes County, Ohio—is ready to assist.

Doctors Adam Myers, Andy Miller, and Jason Bakich, DPM, specialize in the treatment of all foot issues, including injury, wounds, diabetic problems, rashes, sore toes, and general pain. Your feet carry you through the day—make sure they get the proper care from Myers & Miller Podiatry, Inc.

If you have problems with warts, thick nails, swelling, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, or heel pain, Myers & Miller Podiatry offers treatments up to and including surgery.

Serving patients of all ages—from children through young adults to the elderly—Myers & Miller Podiatry accepts insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. Dr. Myers, Dr. Miller and Dr. Bakich are members of the active staff at Union Hospital in Dover, including the would healing center. Dr. Myers and Dr. Miller also have privileges at Pomerene Hospital in Millersburg.

Myers & Miller Podiatry’s main office is at 515 Union Avenue, Suite 147, in Dover, Ohio. Additional offices are located at 1261 Wooster Road, Suite 220, Millersburg, 126½ North Broadway in Sugarcreek, and 232 Cross Street Newcomerstown.

 Call the main office at 330-339-6233.

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Bus Mechanics: When you see rust, think of us: Custom Bus and Truck Panels!

Custom repair parts for buses

Rust is an enemy of all vehicles, and especially of the big surfaces of school buses. That’s why Custom Bus and Truck Panels carries dozens of repair parts for all the major school bus makes: Amtran, Blue Bird, Carpenter, International IC, and Thomas.

“When you see rust, think of us” for bus repair parts made by mechanics, for mechanics. Custom Bus and Truck Panels makes high-quality parts for a wide variety of repairs, and can custom bend parts at your request.

If you need ribbed or skirt panels—for an Amtran, Blue Bird, or Thomas bus—Custom Bus and Truck Panels can outfit your vehicle. Wheel well rings and step wells are also in stock, whether for Bluebird, Carpenter, or Thomas buses.

Custom Bus and Truck Panels can provide you with cross member repair covers, rub rails and rub rail splices, and battery-related items: battery boxes, battery box doors, and battery trays. For the coolant system, Custom Bus and Truck Panels has radiator overflow/surge tanks and radiator coolant tubes. Aisle trim, cove molding, and entry door bottom replacements are only a few of the additional items you can find described and pictured on the web site Or you can call Custom Bus and Truck Panels toll-free at 888-402-1661.

Whether you manage one bus or an entire fleet—whether you handle the Blue Bird Vision or All American, the Thomas C-2 or Thomas FS65, or Amtran, Carpenter, or International/IC models—Custom Bus and Truck Panels will help you with American-designed and manufactured bus body replacement parts. . .or custom bend unique and hard-to-find parts for you.

Draw upon Custom Bus and Truck Panel’s twenty-plus years of experience when you need to make repairs to your school bus fleet. Learn more at or call for a friendly associate at 888-402-1661.

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