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Automatic Sliding Door for pets…Autoslide door makes any sliding door into a fully automatic door for your pets….stop paying pet shop prices and get to today! will let you get more sleep! Tired of getting up at 4 am to let your dog outside to do his business? This AUTOSLIDE door system is for you! You simply add AUTOSLIDE to your existing sliding door to … Continue reading

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My reality. Mommyhood & Marriage.

So, us moms totally know what the first sneeze means as the weather changes. We all know that croupy cough will follow. BUT what do we do when it is infecting your entire house!!!! Jump on a plane & run … Continue reading

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Shopping for the Home – Mommy to Mommy

I despise big hardware stores.  Let me rephrase, I have major anxiety attacks when I enter them.  The smell, the vast space, the overwhelmingly TALL shelves, & LONG aisles… Did I mention I am a female, 34 years old, & … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived in North Canton….

OH MOMMYYYYYYYYY! Yep, I have heard it from my 3 year old alllll night. I worked 6 hours today, grocery shopped, came home, made raviolis with homemade sauce. Cleaned the kitchen, gave him a bath, had a conference call, fed … Continue reading

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Mommy’s back…

So i at one time was a mommy blogger. But who has time for that now. Right? Well, i better refocus & put my attention where it is needed most. My 3 year old. When I write about mommyhood and … Continue reading

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