Farm Grown Market Makes Debut Today….looking for a local farmstand? Want to have your farm market seen? Contact Farm Grown market today

Farm Grown Market is a really cool website that connects local farmers with local citizens, restaurants, and produce wholesalers that want to have the freshest most nutritious ingredients available.

Farm Grown MarketFarm Grown Market allows anyone to put in their zip code and locate the closest farmers markets based on proximity to their location.

If you are looking for the best, freshest, and most wholesome local food in your zip code then check out Farm Grown Market today!

If you own one of these farmer’s markets, it is imperative that you get signed up with Farm Grown Market to be included in their free listing service. They do offer seasonal, yearly, and lifetime opportunities at membership. This allows you the farmer to upload images of the crop that is available on a daily basis and even upload photos of your “catch of the day”.

Most people already know that buying local is the only way to help preserve what is left of the local farms in this country. It also allows restaurants to put out the highest quality products to all of their patrons. Even wholesale distributors can benefit from buying from the local farmer as buying local can dramatically reduce transportation fees and the quality of the product being purchased and sold.

If you haven’t done so, check out FARM GROWN today. You will not be disappointed!

Whatever farms are local to you, we strongly encourage you to support them. There aren’t very many left and we need them to stay around or none of us will even continue to have the choice of eating local.

Farm Grown Market, as American as apple pie. The apples grown in the state of your choice of course.

You can also follow farm grown market on twitter at @farmgrownmarket or on Facebook here:

Farm Grown Market is a complete home run, we at iTownz think it is really important to support this type of local use of technology that benefits all of us and our families at the locall level.

Farm Grown Market...bringing you closer to the local food you love!



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