Great Affordable Wine

Want to purchase some yummy affordable wine?  Check out
Vino Fabbricanti, LTD
“Laugh Lots, Live Well, Make Wine”
located @ 4029 Hills & Dales Rd NW
The fun part is making the wine!  You can make & bottle your own wine at this unique wine shop!  They offer a full line of wine making supplies and over 44 different wine kits are available!  Each batch produces 28-30 bottles of quality wine!  It is an inexpensive & loads of fun!  They will even allow you to create your own labels!  Check out their website for more details!
Ps. Their ‘BB Murry Low’ is a personal fav!  Tell Ray you found him on Itownz!
Submitted by Bj Boyajian for iTownz

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