If you operate a bus—or a fleet of buses—you want to protect your investment as you take care of your riders.


If your Bluebird bus needs replacement door parts, turn to Custom Bus and Truck Panels. Call 888-402-1661 or find them on the web at http://busandtruckpanels.com/index.php


By nature, bus doors get a lot of use—and if the doors on your Bluebird bus are showing signs of wear (or broken!) Custom Bus and Truck Panels can have you back in service quickly.

            Whether you need stainless steel door hinges, bronze bushings, door pins, or channel posts, Custom Bus and Truck Panels is prepared to help. Find their online catalog—with photos of every part—at http://busandtruckpanels.com/index.php.

            Custom Bus and Truck Panels also has a full line of door repair kits for Bluebird buses, whether conventional or transit models. Kits are designed to correct issues with jackknife and bi-fold door styles, and come either with or without new frame channels.

            If you have questions or need additional information on Bluebird bus door parts, call Custom Bus and Truck Panels at 888-402-1661 or check out their web site at http://busandtruckpanels.com/index.php.

            Remember that Custom Bus and Truck Panels also carries parts for many other aspects of your Bluebird bus—side, rear, and floor parts, battery boxes, step wells, and more. And if they don’t have a particular piece in the catalog, they can custom bend a part to exactly meet your needs.

                Custom Bus and Truck Panels—call 888-402-1661 or find them online at http://busandtruckpanels.com/index.php

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