Why Should My Password Be Secure?

On almost every site that you register to on the internet, there are certain requirements for your password. These requirements range from the use of special characters to avoiding entire words. This frustrates a lot of people because they want to stick to what they know. We know you really want to keep using ‘password1234’ but there is a method to the madness for why you shouldn’t and if you don’t understand why the internet asks you to do such tedious things, it’ll lead to some frustration. Passwords such as ‘12345’ or ‘password’ are so bad that they can be cracked in less time than it takes to type them. Websites requiring you to have a complex password are asking you to do this because it’s the length, uniqueness, and complexity that determine how difficult your password is to crack. At Digital Marketing Group, we help our clients understand security and the reasoning behind it.

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