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Toledo Zoo says Si to Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Toledo Zoo! Mexico’s annual observance of Cinco de Mayo has become quite a celebration all throughout North America, and the Toledo Zoo has become Cinco de Mayo headquarters for families in the region. On … Continue reading

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Hits & Splashes at the Tusc County YMCA

The Tuscarawas County YMCA is launching its Spring baseball and T-Ball program with registration starting on May 21st for members and May 28th for non-members. Cost for members is $20 (non-members $45). Continue reading

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Hippie Man’s Top 3 List

Here are the Top Three Things I Don’t Care About Today… or ever.

1. The Royal Wedding: I can’t understand the fascination people have with this utterly pretentious spectacle. I could not possibly care less who Prince Pampered Pretty Boy is marrying. I don’t even know the princess-to-be’s name and, for once, am proud of my ignorance! So much of the attention is because Prince William is the eldest son of Diana, the so-called “people’s princess”. I can’t say much about Diana one way or the other… we didn’t exactly run in the same social circles. Anyway, enjoy all the attention—and your undeserved, most likely lifelong, stipend—lovebirds.
2. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and/or Jennifer Aniston: It’s of no interest to me what mental ward Angie currently calls home; I don’t give two monkey’s knuckles if Jen is still miffed at Brad for ditching her for Jon Voight’s nutty offal; and I really really REALLY don’t want to hear anything Brad has to say outside of his lines in sweet flicks like ‘Fight Club’.
3. Obama’s Birth Certificate: I was sick of hearing about it even before Donald Trump started yammering on about it. And, now that the Cantilevered Haired Millionaire is tooting his own horn—a tackily gold plated horn, I am sure—for forcing the Prez to share his birth bona fides… I am beyond sick of hearing about it. Forget the birth certificate thing, because I can think of at least a dozen better reasons Obama should not be in the oval office.
4. And I know I said three things… but I really don’t care much about Donald Trump.
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Really Lady?

I received a letter the other day from some lady who seems to be mad at God for
all of the things that have happened to her. She cannot find a job, she lost her
home, she can’t send her kids to the school she wants, blah, blah, blah – whine,
whine, whine – whimper, whimper, whimper…. She then accused God of being
uncaring of her plight. Continue reading

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Pro Football HOF, Do you still see it?

Local attractions become part of the background after you have lived in an area for a while. I have been a resident in Ohio for more than 10 years and can honestly say that this has never happened with the … Continue reading

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