Holmes Manufacturing…Made in The USA

Holmes Manufacturing is located in the heart of Amish Country, 2 miles west of Millersburg, Ohio.  They were founded in 1990 with the core values handed down to them from their Amish heritage – honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.  They have been producing aluminum building products and providing exceptional service for 20 years. 

Like most great companies, Holmes Manufacturing had a simple beginning with 3 men and a truck. Their desire to be the very best has led to many innovative products that allow them to be the leader in the aluminum building products market.

They work hard to produce roll formed and custom bent products from “The Bending Shop” that will enhance the exterior of your home, providing easy installation for the contractor as well.

The JF Channel shown above eliminates the need for the F Channel and the J Channel on the gable ends of your residential and commercial buildings.  It makes for an easier install by using 1 piece vs. 2, which saves you time and money. In turn, it gives your project a clean and professional look.

It is available in 15 different colors and sizes.  Special colors are available upon request.

iTownz is thrilled to be working with Holmes Manufacturing to increase their business and websites exposure on the Internet.

Check them out online today at             http://www.holmesmanufacturing.com/

Holmes manufacturing is a specialist in all of the products listed above and more.

Most businesses outsource production to other countries, but Holmes Manufacturing believes in keeping their US workers busy. Supporting our own country helps keep jobs for your neighbors and friends. We at iTownz salute Holmes Manufacturing for being both Patriotic and awesome!

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