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You see the ads that read “19 Dollar Locksmith” and “$15 Service charge Locksmith” but don’t be fooled! Many unethical locksmiths use the bait and switch con to get your call. And it works more than you think!

Imagine this:
You are loading groceries into your car and set the keys in the trunk as you load. Then suddenly you close the trunk and it hits you… The keys are locked in the trunk!

What do you do? You call a locksmith to get the keys and you do it in a hurry. You might call more than one and hope they are quick! Whoever is fastest to arrive gets your business, right?

Hey and this ad on my smart phone says $15 locksmith! Maybe this won’t be so bad!

Wrong. The old adage “If it seems too good to be true” almost always will apply here.

There are some very unethical people out there that are counting on your desperation. They are also counting on you being frugal with your hard-earned cash. So when you see the $15 locksmith ads you are being lured into a web.

When they show up they change the price. You are furious! This is illegal, you say to them and you refuse to pay. On the other hand, your dinner is spoiling as you speak. You would be surprised, but many people just pay and grumble the whole way home!

How much do they up charge? Usually about 400 to 500 percent! So a $15 phone quote turns into $150 dollars instantly! Not only are the unethical locksmiths counting on your desperation and naiveté… sometimes they bully customers into paying.

What to do
Simple, call Spare Key Locksmith at (330) 340-6098 ! Located in New Philadelphia Ohio. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, a locksmith you can trust. Just check out  the reviews from their satisfied customers here.

If you are out of the area, call around and find a locksmith company that is registered with the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or that is a Certified Locksmith. Ask their prices, hours, and most of all ask about their business license and professional licensing or credentials. The best locksmith is one who cares about your concerns and wants to help.

They will quote prices and hopefully a flat rate on certain calls with no hidden prices or bait and switch scams or con games. Beware the Locksmith that refuses to quote a price… this is a dead give away to a con artist.

Avoid scams and con artists.  Once you have found a locksmith that is reputable, has good references and who is certified and insured, like Spare Key Locksmith, Keep their phone number on you so that you can reach them when you need them. Give the number to friends and co-workers to help them out.

Also, report unethical locksmiths to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission.


Spare key locksmith serves the following areas

Carroll County Locksmith 

Augusta 44607
Malvern 44644
Carrollton 44615
Mechanicstown 44651
Dellroy 44620
Morges 44643
Harlem Springs 44631
Minerva 44657
Kilgore 44615
New Harrisburg 44615
Lake Mohawk 44644
Pattersonville 44657
Leavittsville 44675
Petersburg 44615
Leesville 44639
Scroggsfield 44615
Lindentree 44645
Sherrodsville 44675
Magnolia 44643
Wattsville 44615
Bacon 43812
New Guilford 43844
Bakersville 43803
New Moscow 43812
Blissfield 43805
Newcastle 43843
Canal Lewisville 43812
Plainfield 43836
Chili 43824
Spring Mountain 43844
City of Coshocton 43812
Tunnel Hill 43812
Conesville 43811
Wakatomika 43821
Frazeysburg 43822
Walhonding 43843
Fresno 43824
Warsaw 43844
Keene 43828
West Bedford 43844
Layland 44637
West Carlisle 43844
Nellie 43844
West Lafayette 43845
New Bedford 43824
Birmingham 43749
Kipling 43750
Buffalo 43722
Lore City 43755
Byesville 43723
Old Washington 43768
Cambridge 43725
Opperman 43732
Cumberland 43732
Pleasant City 43772
Derwent 43772
Quaker City 43773
Fairview 43736
Salesville 43778
Kimbolton 43749
Senecaville 43780
Kings Mine 43755
Walhonding 43772
Adena 43901
Hopedale 43976
Bowerston 44695
Jewett 43986
Cadiz 43907
New Athens 43981
Deersville 44693
New Rumley 43988
Freeport 43973
Piedmont 43983
Georgetown 43907
Pittsburgh Junction 43986
Germano 43986
Scio 43988
Harrisville 43974
Tippecanoe 44699
Baltic 43804
Loudonville 44842
Berlin 44610
Millersburg 44654
Big Prairie 44611
Mt. Hope 44660
Charm 44617
Nashville 44661
Farmerstown 43804
Trail 44624
Glenmont 44628
Unionville 44681
Holmesville 44633
Walnut Creek 44687
Lakeville 44638
Winesburg 44690
Killbuck 44637

And all points in between!





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