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It’s late and you’ve locked your keys in the car, and now you’re locked out of your house too! A friend kindly takes you to their place. No worries, you think; I’ll simply pick a locksmith out of the directory or online listings and make a call. Turns out if you haven’t checked out your particular locksmith, it could be you that gets picked!

Complaints about locksmiths are on the rise, as cases of fraud and scamming become ever more prevalent with unsuspecting consumers. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) alert indicates that national locksmith companies disguising themselves as local proprietors are routinely charging between $300-500 for minor jobs that valid locksmiths would normally charge no more than $100.

One national locksmith company posing as local outfits used at least 15 other names and 25 telephone numbers, according to the BBB!

In 2006, the Ohio attorney general sued this company for false advertising and unauthorized repairs. Illinois  suspended the same company’s license to operate in its state, charging the business had given fraudulent address information.

Large states such as California and New York require anyone working as a locksmith, even if based outside the state, to procure a state license. Unfortunately, that and a smile will get you a license; no level of competency, nor a test is required. Often, shady locksmith impersonators will fake a license and have it on their person or in their vehicle.

The Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths (TOOL) recently posted a large banner in bold red type across their website, warning that “Locksmith Scammers are Operating in Tennessee!” The organization encourages customers to verify a locksmith’s license at the Department of Commerce and Insurance website before even calling them.

So, what to do when locked out?

Simple, call Spare Key Locksmith at (330) 343-4228 ! Located in New Philadelphia Ohio. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, a locksmith you can trust. Just check out  the reviews from their satisfied customers here.


Serving 7 counties around the Tuscarawas Valley

Spare Key Locksmith New Philadelphia

Spare Key Locksmith
Serving 7 Counties

We service the following counties:

  • Carroll
  • Coshocton
  • Guernsey
  • Harrisson
  • Holmes
  • Stark
  • Tuscarawas

Spare Key Locksmith “The Key to Your Success”

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